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MovieBank USA KioskA company called MovieBankUSA is rolling out a high-tech DVD and VHS tape video rental vending machine. Houston’s News 24 has the story and a video:

“It has been in business over ten years now in Europe and it has completely changed the way people rent the movies,” Stephane de Laforcade says. “It’s so convenient. Everybody rents with machines now.”

“It is as easy as using an ATM. You just go to the machine, swipe your card and then you arrive on the screen that allows you to browse all the titles by whatever criteria you like. They can be new releases, all titles, or by director, by actor.

“Then, once you select your item, you just confirm and pick it up from the dispenser and it takes no longer than 15 seconds.

“Depending on the locations, we’ll place different size machines. They can hold from 650 DVDs to 5,000.”

I spoke to Hector Gonzalez, one of their Account Executives, and he’s available to answer any questions about the new product.

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