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i9 Sports is the world‘s first complete amateur sports franchise for the 100 million youth and adult athletes nationwide. i9 Sports offers franchise opportunities for people to own and operate local amateur sports leagues, tournaments, camps, clinics, special events, and corporate outings in over two dozen sports for people of all ages. Sports include: baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, gymnastics, rugby, kickball/ stickball, billiards and bowling.

The i9 Sports franchise program is designed for those with the drive and commitment to build a professional home-based business in amateur sports. i9 Sports provides these individuals with the tools, training and systems to create a sports business that provides lasting value for its players, its coaches, its community and ultimately, for themselves.

The only thing better than playing in an i9 Sports league is owning one. That‘s because i9 Sports is redefining what amateur sports is all about. Your i9 Sports league will provide its participants with a number of important advantages, including:

i9 Sports offers multiple profit centers including fees from team and player entry fees, corporate sponsorships, online retail sporting goods, customized team uniforms/jerseys, event/management fees for partnership with local municipalities and corporations.

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