Ebay / Craigslist Deal is a Big Deal?

A reader wrote:

Ebay bought Craigslist? It’s a small business that didn’t have any major VC pumped into it and wasn’t even being marketed to a major player like eBay. It shows that either eBay is a perceiving them as a threat (unlikely) b) interested in the profitability of such a site (somewhat unlikely with such a small share) c) looking to get their foot in the door for a large purchase later possibly signaling a new service for ebay.

It’s also possible that if ebay owns part of craigs list they can copy the site without infringing.

I’m not a business guy though. I’m just a fly fisherman.

I don’t know if it’s really that big of a deal at all. Craig Newmark (the Craig in Craiglist) explains more on his weblog.

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