Lawn Doctor

Back in 1967, Lawn Doctor was a pioneer, creating patented ground metered equipment for the lawn care industry. Lawn Doctor was co-founded by two friends, Bob Magda, Senior Vice President today, and Tony Giordano, CEO until 1987. Originally, Lawn Doctor was known as Auto Lawn until a local salesman dubbed the two men “Lawn Doctors.” They liked the name so much, they decided to keep it and so Lawn Doctor was born. Over the years, Lawn Doctor has sustained its original commitment to innovation and leading-edge technology. We continue to redesign our exclusive equipment to better serve the needs of our customers.

Lawn Doctor has been franchising since 1967, with over 450 locations in 38 states. Even if you have no previous “green” industry experience, Lawn Doctor can help you own your own business.

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Lawn Doctor, Inc.

142 State Rte. 34

Holmdel, NJ 07733


[email protected]

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