How to Make a Reality Television Show

Dan Sherman:

Here’s the idea. Put an ad in the paper looking for people to be a part of a reality show that focuses on being scared. (People will automatically think you’re talking about Fear Factor, which can work to your benefit without actually saying it.)

You rent a hotel conference room and when people call from the ad, set up appointments for interviews at the hotel conference room.

Meanwhile, you have set up the “waiting” room with cameras. You can either have them hidden or explain that they aren’t running right now or something like that. But you’ll need cameras trained on the seat you’ve set up to sit each interviewee when they come in. You greet them, have them sit in a seat (the hot seat) and give them some forms to fill out. Point to a closed door somewhere and tell them that as soon as the current person in the actual interview room is finished they’ll be called in for the interview. But they need to read and sign the release and some fake info sheet. The release should be real. In it, you should have your blood sucking lawyer put together a good release that informs them that they will be subjected to being VERY scared in the course of filming for this show…. etc. As soon as they sign it, you’re good to go. On the next “fake” sheet, you should ask them all kinds of questions, but the only one you are interested in (and you should have a camera trained on them from above so you can see what they mark) are the questions related to what scares them the most.

On the sheet, you’ll have “snakes”, “spiders” and being “quickly surprised” on the sheet. Depending on what they mark as being the one they are most afraid of, that’s the one you spring on them as they sit there. You have a spider set up somehow (fake one, but big and hairy) to come near them as they sit there. If they mark “snakes”, the same thing. Have a good fake snake somewhere to scare them with as they sit there filling out the paperwork. If they mark “startled” you have someone lying in wait to make a huge noise or come up from behind and do a cymbal crash… or something like that.

The point is, you want to catch as many people on tape as possible getting scared out of their wits. If you can get a hundred people on tape, getting VERY scared, you can sell that tape on the internet, even without any offline advertising, all day long, for years and years and make steady money off of it. Then, once you have a good database of people who have purchased, do it again, with some other angle, then market the new tape to all your existing customers.

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