USPS Ignores the Marketplace; Personalized Stamps Canceled!

As of 11:59 PM tonight (Pacific Time, September 30th) the US Postal Service has directed to stop taking orders for personalized stamps.

Entrepreneurs Who Pay Themselves Too Much or Too Little Will Find Tax Trouble

Law & Entrepreneurship News: “Related to my two earlier posts regarding the IRS’s case against John Menard for taxes and penalties owed because he payed himself a salary that the IRS considered so high that much of it was actually a dividend (thus making the corporation as well as the individual taxable), the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a story describing the tax troubles entrepreneurs can find themselves in if they pay themselves too much or too little, and ways to avoid such problems.”

Land of Potatoes Aims to Be High-Tech Hotbed

What is unusual about Moeser’s effort is that his start-up company, Dedicated Devices Inc., is based in a suburb of Boise, Idaho, in a sparsely populated northwestern state best known for its potatoes.

Startup Steps

First decide what business format you will use – sole proprietor (just you), partnership, LLC, corporation, trust, etc.

Turning A Hobby Into A Business

BBC News: “Liz O’Hanlon always felt like a fish out of water at work.

Franchising Over 50

Entrepreneur examines several late blooming entrepreneurs who purchased franchises after 50: “Don’t assume 50-year-olds are past their prime—many are finding that the years after 50 are a perfect time to start a business, and buying a franchise is a great way to do that.

Red Robin Restaurant

→ It was 1969, the year of Woodstock, “Buzz” Aldrin’s walk on the moon, and Red Robin “America’s Gourmet Burgers and Spirits” was born in Seattle, Washington.

Business Opportunities Abound In the Automotive Industry

Business Opportunities Handbook: “From rental and leasing agencies to products, services and repairs, the automotive industry has long been one of the most fruitful sources of business opportunities.

Manufacturer Reps Explained

Manufacturers’ reps–sometimes called sales reps, sales agents or even brokers–are long-term independent marketing professionals.

Tips for Running a Successful Weekend Business

NFIB: “Weekend warriors almost always find greatest success when their second business is one they love or have special aptitude for.