Sole Proprietorship with Your Spouse

Nolo: “If you are going into business for yourself and your spouse will help out a little, you don’t necessarily need to hire your husband or wife as an employee or independent contractor, nor do you need to form a partnership, LLC, or corporation.

Post-It Note Marketing in Sweden

Marketing eYe: “A Swedish scuba diving company is using post-it notes to promote their services.

Finding Partners: How To Make It More Effective

Dave Pollard: “I would hazard a guess that, both in business and in our personal lives, ‘finding people’ is our most inefficient process, the one we waste the most time doing ineffectively, and the one we do the worst job at.

How Business Legal Structures Work

How Stuff Works: “You are starting a company and want to limit your personal liability for the debts of the business as well as the taxes you’ll have to pay.

Are Office Troublemakers Future Entrepreneurs?

Nearly three years into my consulting practice, it’s crystal clear that I was destined to be my own boss.

Figuring Out What’s Hot on Ebay

How do you figure out what will be a hot seller on eBay?

It Could Pay To Incorporate

Rhonda Abrams: “The long-awaited (at least by me) Census Bureau report on home-based workers has just been released.

Launch and Test Cheaply

Ram Shriram: “Launching a company is easy.

The New American Dream

Small Business Trends: “A recent survey by Capital One and Consumer Action finds that 40% of Americans dream of starting their own business.”