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EasyChair Media is the home of EasyChair Magazine, which consists of four seasonal theme issues: Coffee, Thyme, Noodles, and Cookies. Each issue has a different theme and its own distinctive name. All issues share national and local features that give unity and continuity year-round while allowing each issue to have its own identity.

Their mission is to support advertisers and the communities they serve, inform and entertain readers, reach the most active shoppers and buyers and connect with business leaders.

In most cases, the franchise model will be the most appropriate form of relationship between EasyChair Media and a local producer of EasyChair Magazine. This is because they would charge a reasonable fee for the local producer to get on board, provide the level of publishing and production assistance needed by the local producer, train the local producer as necessary, and either charge a continuing royalty or perform the design, printing and fulfillment functions for the local producer at a reasonable cost to the local producer.

They can tailor these services to any level of local producer expertise and experience. So, even if you have no publishing or advertising sales experience, they can tailor a service program for you. However, in most cases you would be responsible for selling the ads for your local EasyChair Magazine, so either you or sales persons you utilize should be talented in selling advertising. If you choose, their staff can create and design ads for advertisers that don’t have camera-ready copy — you do not need any design talents.

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800 3rd St.

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Fax: 800-438-2150

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