The Unishippers concept is simple; major carriers handle the pickup, transportation and delivery of they shipments, while they focus on providing superior customer service and competitive pricing. They can create a complete, individualized shipping solution for their customers and know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Unishippers helps businesses save time, trouble and money on all their shipping needs. With 284 franchises and over 50,000 customers, they have developed a solid position within the U.S. marketplace.

The Unishippers Support Center is there to help franchisees run their businesses more effectively. Programs available include a customized, web-based prospecting and territory management tool, annual hands-on, growth-oriented training for you and your staff, sales management & sales representative training, on staff sales representative recruiters, a weekly newsletter full of information and inspiration, professionally developed and maintained website providing information and sales leads, secure website for Franchise owners offering the latest news, information and products, innovative software and powerful technological tools and specifications and standards to help you run your business.

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746 E. Winchester, #200

Salt Lake City, UT 84107



Fax: 801-487-0623

[email protected]

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