KidzArt® is a fun, safe, unique and confidence building drawing program for Preschoolers through Seniors. Their mission at KidzArt® is to provide kids of all ages with the opportunity to have art in their lives, increase their skills and knowledge of various art mediums, learn to draw using a proven method, and most of all, to have fun! KidzArt® was created to enhance a child’s creative self-expression. How? By using instructional drawing methods that allow the child to produce original, representational art in the first 1-4 lessons, by doing art projects that are simple, fun and produce great results. By introducing high quality art materials, their self-confidence is strengthened as well as their sense of artistic-confidence and mastery. Using a simple technology for teaching kids to draw, KidzArt® allows kids to explore, express and be uplifted in a noncompetitive environment. They are introduced to new products and mediums on a regular basis. Kids begin to feel like young artistic masters with KidzArt®.

KidzArt® is a profitable portable business that is as easy to teach as it is to learn. Your locations are set up on-site in schools, retirement centers, retail store, etc. so overhead is minimal…and…an art background is not necessary. Yes, you actually can do what you love for a living and have fun in the process. And…you will make a huge difference in lives of kids and adults alike.

Their team of trainers has 30 years combined experience in: art education, career counseling, small business start-ups, business coaching and teaching.

With a KidzArt franchise you will start with a very low overhead, receive new and exciting curriculum every month, have professional press releases written and distributed for you all year, get a media list developed specifically for your area and receive a free membership in the International Franchise Association.

If you love kids, love art and want to use your creativity in your work everyday, KidzArt® is definitely the business to consider. Earn a substantial full-time income while doing what you love for a living, complete a comprehensive initial training and receive on-going training through one-on-one assistance and monthly teleconference calls, receive a complete business package, which includes professional training, all art supplies and materials, have the flexibility to work in many different settings such as after-school enrichment programs; workshops, fairs, birthday parties, summer camps, senior centers, retail stores and many more, have opportunities to work as a KidzArt trainer as you grow with them and see how KidzArt will impact thousands of kids and adults naitaionally and internationally with the gift of art! Now is a great time to consider becoming a KidzArt business owner. Art programs- particularly drawing- are always in demand. Our KidzArt for Adults and KidzArt Seniors programs will ensure that your business will be year-round.

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1327 Dime Box Cir.

New Braunfels, TX 78130


Fax: 800-379-8302

[email protected]

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