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Cash America International, Inc. is a New York Stock Exchange listed company (CSH) serving the underbanked segment of the population. Cash America is the market leader in secured non-recourse lending, providing short-term capital to customers in the United States.

For centuries, money has been loaned based solely on the value of an item pledged as collateral, commonly referred to today as a pawn loan. Cash America International, Inc. was the first company to establish a large network of locations focused on customer service and meeting the needs of secured non-recourse borrowers in the oldest and most basic form of consumer financing activity.

The fundamentals of the pawn business have not changed through its 3,000 year existence. The base business is designed to assist the borrower in meeting capital requirements under terms of a simple contract. Items used as security for loans have evolved over the years as commonly owned personal property has changed with the times. Yet the orientation of the collateral has not changed as customers use items which represent value, such as gold and diamond jewelry, capable of providing them a source of liquidity.

At Cash America pawnshops, the age-old pawn loan tradition of a fast, convenient source of ready cash with the loan amount based upon the value of the collateral presented is taken to a new level of ease and customer dignity. Cash America customers are greeted by a courteous, well-trained staff who assist them with their cash needs. The use of a proprietary computer system, which calculates the optimum loan value for the item presented as collateral, assures the loan customer of understanding the maximum loan amount available for the item pledged. In seconds, the loan document is printed, the loan proceeds are counted out and the customer leaves secure with the knowledge that the item pledged is in safe keeping at Cash America until it is redeemed.

Why choose a Cash America franchise? They offer you the most recognized name in the business. They have a reputation for professional customer service. Cash America knows how to create attractive and well-organized units.

As a Cash America franchisee, you make all of the important decisions about your pawnshop. But your decisions are based on more and better information. They’ve learned a lot about the pawn business over the years, and they’re always ready to share that knowledge with you. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy as a Cash America franchisee: exclusive franchise within a defined territory, Cash America trademarks, store decor, signs and images, Cash America’s proven business practices, information from the largest body of marketing research in the pawn industry, multimedia employee training programs for all jobs from clerk to manager, strategic management consultation from pawn industry experts, advertising and marketing campaigns and materials, store design, construction services and fixture supply, exclusive “TOPS” computer system to automate virtually every aspect of pawnshop operation, exclusive “PRO*KNOW” merchandise valuation database access, premium prices on scrap gold with NO MINIMUM quantity, low-cost jewelry refurbishing and repairs, affordable insurance coverage for all aspects of the pawn business and pawnshop brokerage services to assist in buying and selling stores.

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Cash America International, Inc.
1600 W. 7th St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Fax: 817-570-1738

[email protected]

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