Pee Wee Workout

Pee Wee workout is a pre-school health/fitness program developed in 1986 to educate as many children as possible about the benefits of healthy living. You can make a difference in the early development years of a child’s health. Teaching fitness, healthy lifestyles, and a respect for their bodies is what Pee Wee Workout is all about.

Since 1986, Pee Wee Workout helps educators and fitness professionals grow in a beneficial business while they serve children. The Pee Wee Workout/CC Kids programs are designed to address the health and fitness needs of pre-school and elementary school age children.

Pre-schools, day-care centers and recreation programs are a part of every community. They provide a rich environment of skills and social development. Pee Wee Workout fits into these established settings. Parents want their children to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Educators look for quality programs to enhance their school learning environment. The Pee Wee Workout/CC Kids program teaches the basics of physical fitness and health with emphasis on living a happy, productive life.

Do you enjoy and have the ability to work with children? Have you wanted to own and operate your own business? With Pee Wee Workout you have the opportunity to take action in addressing children’s health as well as pursuing the rewards of business ownership.

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Pee Wee Workout

34976 Aspenwood Lane

Willoughby, OH 44094


Fax: 440-946-7888

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