Startup Capital Needed in Mozambique for Micro Business

I get the most interesting emails from entrepreneurs all over the world.

Antonio Tauzene wrote:

I’m a 44years old Mozambican looking for some help to start my business. Based in Maputo, I know that with a 15-seater mini-bus, I can make an average income of a million Meticais/day, which is about US$50. This is very little by european standards, but not by african ones.

A second-hand mini-bus able to run for plus minus 6 months can cost me 75million Meticais, approximatelly US$3.500. If I can manage to bring home US$50/day, I would need 70 working days to pay back US$3.500. Seventy working days is about 3 months. Bearing in mind that the vehicle would last 6 months, the other 3 months would be used to buy another mini-bus, and I would be on my own. I would have become a businessman in the transport field. A golden mine for Africa, because most people in Africa don’t own personal vehicle.

Mr Carlson, How do you think about this “poor” idea of mine? Do you think you could sell it to some interested party(ies)?

The CIA World Factbook reports that the climate in Mozambique is improving and that “olitical stability and sound economic policies have encouraged recent foreign investment.”

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