Carnival of the Capitalists

This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Ashish’s Niti.

So You Want To Be A Computer Consultant

Slashdot: “Stephen Friedl writes ‘I’ve been a self-employed consultant for almost 20 years – I still have my first customer!


“Real Estate Investment Course” Scam

REO News: “Inman News reports that the Federal Trade Commission filed charges against marketers of a course that claimed to teach students how to buy and sell mortgage notes.

Starbucks Creates Opportunities For Others With Their Costly WiFi

Starbucks charges a pretty penny for wireless access and they are doing the competition an enormous favor.

Entrepreneurs Reinvent The Family Farm

Call it the lure of the land.


Defining an Exceptional Business

NFIB: “Every large, Fortune 500 company once was a small business.

A Revival For Door-to-door Marketing

MSN: “Now that the national do-not-call list makes it impossible to reach millions of potential customers, some marketing companies are returning to an old-fashioned alternative: door-to-door salespeople.” via Linda Riley.


The Venture Capital Cycle, Second Edition

Paul Kedrosky: “Some of you may have an appetite for deeper analysis of the venture capital industry.

Neatness Pays

I have known a couple of folks who started businesses offering their services as professional organizers.


The Entrepreneurial Blog

Glenn Fleishman: “It took a little doing, but you can watch my presentation on The Entrepreneurial Blog from the recent Blog Business Summit.