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In the late 1940s, Jim Lunceford, founder of Express Oil Change, saw a vast future in the automobile service industry. From a service station manager to the owner of an entire city block of comprehensive service facilities, he sought better ways to help automobile owners care for their vehicles.

Born in the 1970’s, established and defined in the 1980’s, the quick oil change industry has become firmly established, not just as a viable business, but as an industry with enormous growth potential. Consumer lifestyles dictate an increasing premium on time. The convenience feature of the quick oil change is expected to continue to draw customers away from the long waits at automobile dealerships and mechanic shops.

Express Oil Change has great opportunities for those willing to invest not only capital, but also in upholding Express Oil Change’s core values. Core values that include integrity, pride of workmanship, quality, teamwork, enthusiasm, friendliness, and continuous improvement.

Express Oil Change’s five-point formula for succss has been implemented, refined, and proven to work through two decades of it’s history. This formulas consists of superior personnel, expanded services, outstanding facilities, quality products, and effective advertising.

Express Oil Change has a dedicated Support Team to assure total support for franchisees, not just initially, but throughout the life of their franchise operation.

Contact Information

Express Oil Change

190 West Valley Ave.

Birmingham, AL 35209


Fax: 205-940-6025

[email protected]

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