Ego Makes Entrepreneurs Go

BusinessWeek: “Just how much appetite for risk do entrepreneurs really have?

Grandma, What Big Ideas You Have

Growing up in the 1920s, Dorothy Holterman loved her mother’s unique homemade dressing served on salads and slaws.

Fifty Gmail Invites

If anyone wants a Gmail invite, my buddy Loyd has 50 of them.

Teach Ebay Classes

In case you haven’t heard, ebay has upped their commissions to their affiliates.

Designing a Logo

microISV: “Ian Landsman shares his experience of working with a graphic designer to create a new business logo for his company UserScape and his product HelpSpot.

Starting a Tutoring Service

People are hiring tutors in almost any area in which skills can be taught and acquired: academic subjects and computer use, athletic skills and hobbies.

Home-Sourcing and Demographic Changes

BusinessPundit: “[This post] made me think about whether or not an increase in working from home will have a significant impact on where people choose to live.