Hi! I'm Dane Carlson, and welcome to the Business Opportunities Weblog. I've been publishing this website, by myself, and sometimes with the help of others for over twelve years now. You'll notice two things about this site right away:

  • We have tons of content. In fact, since November 2011, I've published more than 26,000 posts on thousands of different business ideas and opportunities.
  • We don't sell much advertising. In late 2013, I realized that by selling advertising, what I was really selling was my readers. In 2014, I've already radically cut down on the number of ads and will hopefully keep cutting.

What Not to Sell on Ebay

You’ve probably seen that one a lot, right?

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Entrepreneurs Needed!

In the open source world we’re creating new technologies, techniques and choices faster than we can monetize them.


The Entrepreneur As An American Hero

Walter Williams: “Whenever the profit incentive is missing, the probability that people’s wants can be safely ignored is the greatest.

When It’s Time To Sell

I remind entrepreneurs to keep a few things in mind regarding exits:The first offer is rarely the one that works.


Starting on a Shoestring : Building a Business Without a Bankroll

Amazon: “This bestselling guide has shown thousands how to start a business with little or no money down If you’ve dreamed of starting your own business, but felt discouraged by a lack of start-up money, Starting on a Shoestring is exactly the book you need.

Studying Startups by Starting One

Business Week: “A course at Boise State University ditches theory and business-plan contests to give budding entrepreneurs some real-world experience.”

A Success Unexpected In Common Hours

Henry David Thoreau: “I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” from Rob Hyndman.


How to Win a Place on Grocery Store Shelves Without A Marketing Budget

“We decided on petite shells to differentiate ourselves from the elbow-shaped macaroni, and all-natural cheddar,” she says.

Bootstrapping: The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

How do you launch a successful high-tech business?

Franchisors Outperform Nonfranchise Firms

Franchisors create more value and perform better financially than their nonfranchise competitors, according to a new study released by The William Rosenberg International Center of Franchising at the University of New Hampshire Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

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