A Wal-Mart Used Car Lot

 Lidl-Parkplatz. cc dustpuppy

Don Alm:

I spoke to the Manager in January about the possibility of having a “By Owner Car Lot” in this area. It would be available ONLY on Sat & Sun. I would be charging people to park their vehicles there so I felt I should pay Wal-Mart for the space.

The guy floored me when he said my program would probably bring in more people to his store. (Car Buyers could shop for a car THEN…shop in his store) So…he thought $250 a weekend would be acceptable. He thought his insurance would cover MY “Car Lot”.

I told him I would put Markers around the area where the “for sale cars” would be parked AND I would have a 8ft by 8ft sign on the back of the space so people would know what was going on.

I would run some ads for the first 2 or 3 wks and, after that I think the word-of-mouth would keep the place filled.

I plan on charging $25 a day or $40 for both days… the space can fit 60 cars…

via Chuck Huckaby.

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