Doggy Dreams Groomobile

PR Newswire: This new Franchise has tapped into the huge pet industry market by developing the Doggy Dreams Groomobile, a high tech grooming shop on wheels which is driven to the customer’s home. It boasts its own water tank, hot and cold running water, doggy hair dryers for hand fluff drying and the newest innovations for safe and healthy pet grooming. There is no other franchise with a vehicle like this! The grooming takes place in the van so that dogs (and cats) can be groomed at their own homes; no more dirty dogs in the car on the way to the grooming shop. Fido does not have to sit in a cage all day next to barking dogs and potential exposure to health hazards.

Doggy Dreams Groomobile was started by Jeff and Christina Ekeland over 5 years ago under the name California Mobile Pet Grooming. They saw immediately that mobile grooming would be the way of the future and built their business to be scalable. They had proprietary software written that will be capable of growing with the business. It completely automates the scheduling, pricing, tracking appointments, customers, pets, groomers, calendars and runs management reports. They knew enough to build a team of expert consultants along the way and now this small family run business has thousands of clients and is ready to go nation wide, all for making “a dog’s life” better!

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