Hiring and Getting a Job is Obsolete

Most CS undergrads hope to get a good job when they graduate.

Entrepreneurship: Thinking And Doing

David Bayless: “To recall a quote I posted a week or so ago, ‘A thought which does not result in an action is nothing much, and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all.’ Flawless execution of a vacuous idea yields little; pathetic execution of a dramatically different idea yields nothing (or worse).

Franchising: Buying Your Way Into Business

Johnson purchased a Breadsmith franchise in 1998.

7 Biggest Mistakes Of Business Startups

Mistake 1: Driving a fire engine without a route.

Extending the Front Lines of Franchising

Business Week: “When most people think of a franchise business, fast food comes to mind.

Business Growth Weblog

Dane, I’m a small-business, entrepreneurial journalist in St.


Home Biz Wear

HomeBizWear.com: “Home Biz Wear is the place to find fun stuff to wear and decorate your surroundings when you work at home!

Why Societies — and Startups — Collapse

In his terrific new book, Collapse, science writer Jared Diamond examines some of the most famous failed civilizations of prehistory and history, from Easter Islanders and the Anasazi of New Mexico to the Viking settlers of Greenland.

Small Business Week

According to my Holiday Blog, the week of April 24 through the 30th is Small Business Week.