Gemini Tub Repair

Gemini Tub Repair is currently seeking franchise partners to join their rapidly growing franchise network. Opportunities are available with an established reputation for excellence and strong industry relationships in a business that enjoys both extremely low start-up costs and the potential for a tremendous return on your investment.

Gemini Tub Repair performs bathtub repairs and refinishing. They have a number of sources for business, including: Warranty work for bathtub manufacturers; Damage repairs on new installations for the sellers and installers of bathtubs, such as home improvement warehouses, plumbing supply houses, builders and plumbers; Both bathtub repair, shower repair, and refinishing work for homeowners; and Both bathtub repair, shower repair, and refinishing work for commercial customers, such as retirement communities, hotels, apartment complexes and health clubs.

Contact Information

2592 River Rd.

Bainbridge, PA 17502

Phone: (717) 367-7266

Fax: (717) 361-2299

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