Selling Books for a Penny

Earlier this month we pondered the strange Internet phenomenon of penny-book sales via, and reached the conclusion that penny books might be less a business model than an unintended consequence of a business model.

Recycled Franchises – Why Buy 2nd Hand?

Looking to start a business?


All Marketers Are Liars

I have no intention of telling you the truth.

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists Slacker Manager.

United Shipping Solutions

→ United Shipping Solutions is a sales organization offering transportation services to the small to mid-sized market segment through a rapidly expanding network of franchises nationwide.

Cruise Planners

→ Cruising has been the fastest growing segment of the travel industry for over 20 years, and it is still booming!

Free from 9 to 5

If someone told me 10 years ago, when I was in college, that I would be working for one of Southern California’s largest employers, doing software development and being paid handsomely to boot, I’d be ecstatic.

Husbands and Wives Who Own Different Franchise Concepts

Franchise Solutions: “In August 1999, Fannie Hu opened her PostNet franchise in Bakersfield, California.


Better Than a Lemonade Stand: Small Business Ideas for Kids

Amazon: “The 15-year-old author assembled these 51 ideas for kids to make money; numerous adults have done this before, but this guy is organized!

Don’t Overlook Risk Transference

National Federation of Independent Business: “One aspect many small to mid-size businesses overlook is risk transference.