Loyd from Yosemite Blog instant messaged me a great business idea today:

Here’s a great part time business to start…. camping spot savers! On major holidays they go in a few days in advance, set up a tent, and camp there until the payee gets there.

If they get a good spot the payee could “tip” them. We could get college students and high school kids above 18 to do it.

Maybe charge about $7.50 on top of the campsite fee not including tip. Pay in advance credit card deal.

Because a lot of campgrounds are first come, first serve and don’t offer reservations or if they do they book quickly like the ones in Yosemite.

I wonder what someone who runs campgrounds, say Warren Meyer, would have to say about this?

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on May 25, 2005 in Ideas.


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