How to Locate and Evaluate a Good Franchised Business

One of the best ways to find out about the types of franchises available to you is to attend one of the franchise and business opportunity shows that appear regularly in most U.S.

A-1 Concrete Leveling

→ As long as there is concrete, there will be a market for leveling concrete surfaces.

Startups on the Cheap

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur because it’s never been cheaper to be one.

Changes in VC Focus: Low Tech

In addition to the shift to niche markets and start-ups I wrote about yesterday, says that there is a definitive shift away from just high-tech toward more low-tech and even no-tech investments by many VC firms.


Computer Owners More Likely to Start Businesses

People with home computers are more likely to start companies in finance, insurance, real estate (F.I.R.E.), and other professional services, and less likely to initiate agriculture, mining, and construction businesses, reported a study released last Thursday by the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy.

Study Finds Free Agent Workers More Satisfied

PR Newswire: “A recent study of American workers points to a developing trend in which traditional employment — defined as being directly employed by a company or firm — appears to be increasingly sharing the workplace spotlight with the flexibility, personal convenience and personal satisfaction offered by “free agent” and entrepreneurial lifestyles.”

Kelo Decision Is Very Very Very Bad

The Kelo Decision is one of the most important cases affecting the rights of small business owners in years, but many of the major news and advocacy sites for entrepreneurs are still silent on the matter.


Coffee Hour Marketing

This morning Kerwin and I walked into a Prescott Starbucks and both ordered their strong-brew coffee of the day to then find it was free.

Don’t Wait For Perfection

I see it time and again: too many people waste their lives trying to the create the perfect product or business.

Are You Entrepreneur Material?

Every week I see posts that say that being an entrepreneur is the greatest thing ever because you get to set your own hours, take vacation when you want, and make a lot more money.