Andy Oncall

Andy OnCall started when Tom Harris, a Chattanooga homebuilder, was constantly receiving calls from previous customers and friends asking him to do small jobs and repairs around their homes. Realizing the need for handyman services, Tom developed the concept for Andy OnCall in 1993, and his company has been happily helping homeowners ever since.

Andy OnCall is an inexpensive, manageable franchise opportunity in the home repair industry. They are a customer service organization in the truest sense of the word, helping craftsmen as well as homeowners. Andy OnCall benefits the craftsmen who need our assistance obtaining work and managing the business side of performing minor home repairs. Homeowners benefit from their assistance in locating a professional, reliable source for getting their minor home repairs completed with a guarantee.

Contact Information

921 E. Main St.

Chattanooga, Tn. 37408


Fax: 423-622-0580

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