S Corps Beware! A Lottery You Do Not Want to Win

Those who own S-corporations (the most common legal form of privately owned businesses) be warned.

Starting a Business: Advice from the Trenches

One year ago: Starting a Business: Advice from the Trenches.

Forbes.com Best of the Web Small Business

Once again I didn’t make Forbes’ list of best small business blogs.

Generalists Succeed as Entrepreneurs

This view of entrepreneurship is at odds with the intuition of those who believe that entrepreneurs are technical specialists who base their new companies on innovation.

Appreciating the Advertisers

Today is Thursday, the day of the week I publicly thank my paid advertisers.

Should You Say “Me” Or “We?”

One year ago today: Should You Say “Me” Or “We?”

Clean Force International

→ cleanforceintl.com

I strongly recommend Clean Force International’s mobile tile and grout cleaning business opportunity.


Brain Brew Radio

This week’s episode of Brain Brew Radio is online.

9 to 5 Financing

I am absolutely 100% positive that sales of Syncura will wildly surpass my current salary.