alarm:clock and ZipCar

alarm:clock is a neat blog that profiles privately-held technology ventures. They analyze the business model and tell how the company fits in to the technology landscape.

Today, they posted about ZipCar:

ZipCar Consumers who become ZipCar members can reserve vehicles at and rent them by the hour, starting at $8.50 per hour. Zipcar counts about 40,000 customers. Many pay an annual membership fee of $50 or agree to spend at least $50 a month for lower rates. Zipcar claims to be profitable with revenues of $15M. Zipcar currently operates in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. Traditional car-rental companies generally do business at centralized locations, but Zipcar scatters its vehicles across urban areas. In Greater Boston, it has about 110 locations where two or three vehicles are typically parked. Users tend to be urbanites who generally do not need a car to commute. ZipCar aims to be in 25 major metropolitan markets by 2009. ZipCar will use its funding to roll-out in San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, OR.

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