An Alternative to Airport Taxi and Long Term Parking

Dan Sherman:

Sally's take off, Wellington 19 June 2005 - cc by Felicity and Phillip's Here’s a new one for you. Provide an alternative to long term airport parking and/or taxi rides to and from the airport.

I’m sure there are plenty of places in your town that are a $50+ one way taxi ride to the airport (from people’s houses… etc.) That’s $100+ that is spent on a taxi ride if they are using it to get to the airport and get back to their house from the airport at the end of their trip.

Long term parking can get quite expensive as well. I know here at the Portland airport, it’s $8 a day (it may have gone up to $10 recently). So, if you’re staying some place more than a week, it’s going to cost you more than $50.

This is where you can come in. Offer your driving services, but not as a taxi. You’d offer to meet them at their house right before they leave for the airport. You park your car at their house and ride along with them to the airport. They drive right up to the departing area at the airport, they climb out and you drive their car back to their house for them. Then you climb back into your car and drive home. When they’re scheduled to fly back into the airport, you go back to their house, park your car, drive their car to the airport and meet them at the arrival curb. When you get back to their house, you climb back into your car and drive home. Mission complete. You are now $60 richer, or whatever.

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