Secret Capitals of Small Business

Most business capitals shout their names from the hilltops—literally, in the case of Hollywood.


Young Entrepreneurs Have Challenges

Getting the respect of potential clients and employees is the most common problem mentioned by entrepreneurs who started heading up their own businesses while still in their twenties.

Finding Angels and VCs

It’s much harder to find a directory of angel investors, and since they are many times more likely than VCs to fund your startup company, it can be frustrating if you are an entrepreneur looking for potential angel funding.

How to Do Business with Uncle Sam

One year ago today: How to Do Business with Uncle Sam.


What is a Ponzi Scheme?

The term “Ponzi?


What to Charge on eBay

One of the toughest things to figure out when you’re getting ready to sell on eBay is how to set your starting and/or “Buy It Now” price.


The Race to be Second

I have always been a big fan of being second to market with a product, service or an idea.


Personal Trainers Need Mental Muscle, Too

About six years ago, he took a step toward a change, going back to college to study exercise and nutrition.


Startup School

Are you a hacker who has thought about one day starting a startup?