Culture as a Criteria for Hiring (and Firing)

The Entrepreneurial Mind:

The culture in a small business starts with the values of the owners. Each decision she makes, each action she takes shapes the culture of her business. Over time her values will become part of the shared understanding of “how business is done around here.”

Firing employees because they do not fit in a culture is where many, especially those in a corporate environment, get uncomfortable. They seem to hope that eventually these employees will just realize that they do not fit in and leave on their own accord. But, in a small business we do not have the luxury of keeping any excess employees.

It may be a soft criteria and it may seem subjective to an outsider. But, an entrepreneur knows how she wants her business to run and she has an obligation to make the tough decisions to make sure that the culture develops in a way that is consistent with her values, her ethics and her vision.

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