Blue Sky Creamery

Blue Sky Creamery uses a little bit of nature, a little bit of science, and a lot of ingenuity to produce real ‘homemade’ ice cream using liquid nitrogen via their patented Nitro Freeze™ process. The result? A remarkably smoother, denser, richer, and creamier ice cream that you have to taste to believe!

The founders of Blue Sky Creamery, TJ Paskach and Will Schroeder, are both scientists with doctorate degrees in chemical engineering. And they discovered a way to freeze ice cream in under one second by adding liquid nitrogen to the other natural ingredients. This rapid freezing process precludes the formation of ice crystals that normally takes place in the traditional ice-cream manufacturing process. The result is a mouth-watering array of Blue Sky Creamery products and flavors that are smooth, creamy and have no grainy texture whatsoever. Blue Sky Creamery products also contain less air than regular ice cream, so it’s incredibly dense and wonderfully rich!

Contact Information

Nitro Ice Cream, Thomas Paskach
1323 XB Place
Boone, IA 50036

[email protected]

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