Can Your Brand Help Everyman Become Small Businessman?

Many Western workers, no matter where they work or live, will be required to become their own personal brand.

How To Run A College Business

We can just see it–that messy college apartment, complete with dirty clothes on the floor and a kitchen so raunchy that people can smell it out in the hallway.

Flashback: Classic Entrepreneurial Dilemma

One year ago today: Travis McMenimon’s classic entrepreneurial dilemma.

Thank You, Sponsors

Today’s the day I normally thank the advertisers and sponsors (Thank you Clean Force International, FranChoice, Franchise Solutions, The Entrepreneur’s Source, WSI, Sticky123 and the Franchise & Business Opportunities Show!), but I’m going to start doing it on Tuesday’s instead.

Marketing Is An Ethical Duty

If your product is truly helpful to people, then you have an ethical duty to tell them about it.

When You Don’t Have All the Answers

Allen Morgan has posted his Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs — the 10 things you should know when approaching venture capitalists.

Need Capital?

I am a venture capitalist looking to bring $25 million to market and I’m looking for exceptional entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in the areas of Business Services/Technology and Healthcare/Life Sciences.


Ideas Evolve

Noah Brier has a great post about how GREAT ideas evolve.

Maternity Photography Big

Indeed, the maternity photograph is becoming a rite of pregnancy for an increasing number of women, many of them over 30, with money to spend and a yearning to savor every part of the experience.