The Race to be Second

I have always been a big fan of being second to market with a product, service or an idea.


Personal Trainers Need Mental Muscle, Too

About six years ago, he took a step toward a change, going back to college to study exercise and nutrition.


Startup School

Are you a hacker who has thought about one day starting a startup?

Why Any Sole Proprietorship Is A Risky Business

Two years ago today: Why Any Sole Proprietorship Is A Risky Business.

History of MLM

One year ago today: History of MLM.


Brain Brew Radio

David finds out that guests often take Doug’s advice and sometimes it even works…


Cubicle Escape Pod #42

Big word of the day
Know yourself?

How to Get an SBA Loan

I recently went through the process of obtaining an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan.


How to Beat the Home Business Blues

The solution to this problem is simple – get some friends, communicate with humans and make plans to get away from your business on a regular basis.


Success is Where Bold & Aggressive Meets Preparedness

On this weekend’s radio show, a caller from Long Island, New York was extremely bold & aggressive (“ring the bell babe” is what he said at the beginning of his elevator pitch) but he wasn’t properly prepared.