Segway Rental Business

Flock of Segways...or the lost Devo album cover?.  Originally uploaded by pinhole.

Dan Sherman:

Here’s a great way to fund a cross country trip/vacation. Buy about 5 good used Segway machines and get an RV to haul them (and you) around in and set off across America.

Stop along the way at parks or parking lots (get permission from the owner… perhaps pay them a measly daily rental fee) and set up shop. Put out your pre-made big signs (and perhaps a lot of small ones in the area) and rent Segway rides in increments of 15 minutes.

If you did this two days during the week and on Saturday and Sunday (4 days a week total), you could quite easily make $3000 – $5000 or more a week while travelling around the US.

All this business takes is a good legal disclaimer for the customer to sign, several machines for them to ride on, an RV, some signs, some time on your hands… and you’re set.

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