Melaleuca's Consumer Direct Marketing is MLM

MLM Blog:

Here is a fact: Melaleauca pays on Mutiple Levels, therefore by definition, Melaleuca is MLM. You can call it Private Franchising, you can call it Network Distribution, or you can call it Consumer Direct Marketing, but when you say Melaleuca is not MLM, you are deceiving people. It is this type of deception that gives MLM a bad name.

I like MLM. I am an advocate of MLM. Melaleuca actually has some characteristics that make it a better MLM than most, but hiding behind a term like Consumer Direct Marketing while claiming that you are not MLM is a stretch of the truth at best. Stop doing it! Stand on the merits of your company. Tell people why you are different.

Melaleuca people, it’s time to come out of the closet and embrace your true self….MLM.

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