Investing in the Future, or Indentured Servitude

Sponsor someone from high-school/college to professional.

Are Your Business Procedures Documented?

Sometimes, as home-based entrepreneurs, we like to store things in our heads.

Quixtar Wikipedia – Controversy

Quixtar and its predecessor Amway have been controversial for years because of allegations that these companies are pyramid schemes.

Rational Thinking about MLM

My personal advice for anyone who is even thinking of getting involved with a network marketing company is to not go into it emotionally or with money as the prime factor in signing up.

Can Network Mareting Fill the Pension Gap?

United Airlines defaulting on its pension plan for employees?

MLM Tips I Learned From Parenting

We are Adults now!!

Network Marketing Coming Out

Franchising a business used to be viewed with disdain.


Marlboro’s Marketing

A funny thing happened to Marlboro cigarettes when the government said it could no longer use mass media to market its products — its ad spending went down and its profits went up, as reported by Nanette Byrnes in Business Week (10/31/05).


The Best Part About Being An Entrepreneur

Since most people hate their jobs they spend approximately half of their wakeful life miserable.


Microlending with Kiva

Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world.