Cars for Japan’s Pet Lovers

Entrepreneur Almost Daily:

In Japan, where fertility rates are dropping and pet ownership is booming, the Wall Street Journal reports Honda Motor Co. is getting ready to target a growth market with a new concept car designed for pet owners (subscription required to read article). The glove compartment of the car, which will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 22, converts into a pet carrier for small animals; the second seat row can be turned into a dog holding pen.

Honda\'s Dog Car The Wall Street Journal requires a subscription to enter, but the Washington Post has more, and a photo of the car’s interior:

A special crate for dogs in the glove apartment allows owners to interact with their pets while driving. A bigger crate pops up from the floor in the back seat area and can be folded back into the floor when it’s not needed. For even bigger dogs, just buckle them up with a special seat belt to the floor.

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