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Today question from OPEN Adventures in Entrepreneurship is:

If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what business would you launch tomorrow?

Surprisingly, this is an incredibly difficult question for me. Not because I’m not full of ideas for potential businesses and adventures, but because it requires that I stop, and take a step back from my day-to-day concerns and wonder aloud at other possibilities. One idea, though, that’s been rattling around in my mind for awhile, is to start a chain of do-it-yourself audio and video production centers.

As long as there have been motion picture cameras, people have enjoyed taking and sharing their movies; but, until recently, consumer video cameras produced relatively low quality video. Now, it is becoming possible to easily produce television-grade video with relatively inexpensive cameras. With this advancement, more and more people will begin wanting to make more creative videos than just filming Birthday parties and births.

Tools like iMovie on the Mac or Windows Movie Maker make it exceptionally easy to edit together digital video and output straight to the the web or as a high quality DVD. What the pros have that’s missing from the consumer package is a studio setup.

My DIY Audio and Video Production Center would be a storefront in the mall or other location with lots of walk up traffic that would offer sound booths, bluescreen facilities, teleprompter machines, professional lighting, high-end, but easy to use, consumer level cameras, and trained staff members to help run everything. Imagine something like Picture People, but with video and audio recording services offered instead of photography.

I see a wide range of potential markets this could cater to, including people wanting:

  1. Video Resumes – Job seekers would really stand out by if they included a 60 second Apple Switch-style video introduction with their resume.
  2. Video Greeting Cards – Many people include studio portraits and annual “Dear Family” letters with their holiday cards. A DVD or web hosted video could combine these two functions, and the available teleprompter would make everything seem so perfect and coiffure.
  3. Podcast Recording – The sound booths would be the perfect place to record professional quality audio for the discerning podcaster.
  4. Letters to Grandma – Bring the kids in, and let them record a video message for the grandparents. The large sets would allow everyone show off their dancing, school projects or new pets.

The business would claim no copyright to any of the media generated, and would provide everything created at the facility in a digital format, either on a DVD (or other storage media) at the end of the session, or hosted online.

I think that this could be a real success.

What about you? How’s my idea?


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