Help Name the Baby

My wife and I are expecting our second child, another boy, in a few weeks but we haven’t picked a name yet! Please help!

Our name rules:

  1. It can’t be popular. Our first son’s name, Emerson, is number 755 on this list.
  2. It shouldn’t start with an E. Don’t want to start a trend.
  3. It shouldn’t end in “son”. Don’t want to start a trend with this, either.
  4. No cities names. I have a set of cousin’s named after cities, so it’s their trend.

Please post your suggestions in the comments.

(To make things interesting, if we use your name, I’ll send you a $25 Amazon or iTunes gift certificate. Spread the word!)

Update: I’ve changed the ultrasound pic.

Update: The baby has been born and we named him… drumroll, please… Franklin Stuart Montgomery Carlson. The winner has not yet been notified, but will be soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

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