Investing in the Future, or Indentured Servitude

Noah Kagan may be onto something with his idea for indentured servitude:

Sponsor someone from high-school/college to professional. Not just a scholarship but a life-ship. Still unclear? I am saying you recruit a high-school or college student and mold them into a professional photographer:

  1. Pay for their schooling to learn photography, $150 class + books
  2. Pay for their equipment, $500 for good digital slr camera
  3. Help them create the business and marketing materials necessary, $1500 (website, cards, LLC,etc..)

Okay, nothing in life is free. So the sponsor would take a cut of all the profits. I think this is a win-win situation for everyone. The student gets free schooling, a good pay and a fun job. The sponsor gets to have a mentee, passive profit after some initial work and lots of tears/free food from going to weddings. What you think?

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