Franchises and Diversity

While minorities currently make up only a small percentage of franchisees, many believe this underserved population represents the future of franchising–and for good reason.

Changing the Face of MLM

Anyone that has been in network marketing for any period of time knows the bad reputation the industry has earned.

Balancing Retail and Business Builders

We’re all aware of how difficult it is to find business builders.

Corporate America vs. MLM

In Corporate America, giving advice to your competitors is frowned upon.

Pampered Chef

Many MLM companies are jealous of the success of the Pampered Chef.

MLM Simple: Motivate Your Downline

“Dave’s Top 10 Motivational Speeches”.

Clarifications on Venture Capital

A common scenario, however, is for a VC to buy 20% of a company, where that might look like this:
• pre-money company valuation: $5 million
• VC investment: $1 million
• post-money company valuation: $6 million
• founder equity stake: 80%
• VC equity stake: 20%


Brain Brew Radio

This week on School Time, Dr.


Flip Your House Without Losing Your Shirt

Bolstered by the many home renovation shows that dot the TV landscape, the recent housing boom has spawned a lot of interest in making money, by renovating a fixer-upper and selling it at a higher price.


What is wrong with MLM Training?

Absolutely nothing ( is wrong with a training system), if it works.