Life Lessons from Star Trek

Scene from ST: TNG Steve Pavlina:

One idea I learned from this episode is that you don’t have to pick the obvious strategy when going through life. Much of the world is designed around the expectation that you’ll choose the obvious strategy. For example, you’re expected to get a job and earn a salary from it. That’s what most people do. However, having a job is one the most difficult ways to make money, mainly because you have to trade so much of your time for cash, most of which you spend anyway. It’s the obvious strategy, so it also attracts the greatest amount of competition and becomes a highly inefficient way to make money in the long run. It only took me six months of working as an employee to figure out that it wasn’t for me, so early in my 20s I dropped this strategy and decided to try something different. Instead of trying to earn money by having a salary, I decided to earn money by starting a business.

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