Where to Incorporate: Delaware, Nevada or Your Own State?

For decades, many of us have heard and read about Delaware being the state in which to incorporate your business.

MLM Trainers – Where Are They From?

I have attended many seminars as well as purchased various training materials from many well known trainers in network marketing.

Forms of Business Ownership

One of the first decisions that you will have to make as a business owner is how the company should be structured.

How You Can Create Your Own Charity

Wouldn’t you like to start your own charity, one that would be totally efficient, effective and dedicated to the cause that concerns you most?


Taste of Home Entertaining Opportunity

A great company begins with a great host experience.

Inflated MLM Prices

This is how it was supposed to work.

Evaluating Network Marketing?

Solicit Independent And Unbiased Advice It is important to evaluate each mlm opportunity just as you would evaluate any other type of business, and not simply take the word of those who have preceded you into the business.

The Honest Presentation

Think about the last time you presented the business opportunity.

Network Marketing Women: Kim Klaver

Kim Klaver sent me an email yesterday telling me that I have a nice blog.

More Squidoo Network Marketing Lens

My Squidoo Network Marketing lens is hovering around number 62-65 in the Squidoo ranking.