Movie Appeals to Network Marketers

Business Wire:

It seems that critically our first movie was either loved or hated. Most of the public loved the movie. An interesting phenomenon was found in our exit polls for the movie. Republican business men and women seemed to love the movie, while left-leaning movie goers seemed less likely to identify with it. I am assuming that because the movie touches on themes of wealth and money, it inherently appeals to those who have been interested in multi-level marketing or entrepreneurial topics. We have garnered, unintentionally, a large following among Republicans and business-minded individuals. Likewise, and I am assuming, not coincidentally, areas of the country such as Austin, and newspapers considered by conservatives as left wing, such as the St. Petersburgh Times, gave us our worst reviews, while traditional Republican areas such as Ft. Worth, Dallas and San Antonio gave us our best reviews.

The movie is titled ‘All That I Need‘ and I have not seen it yet.

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