Creating a Word of Mouth Buzz

What are some of the issues that can lead to holding back and not creating buzz?

* Not taking the time to identify some good stories to tell. – Know what makes you and your organization special before you need a story.

* Feeling that no one will want to hear what you have say. – People talk endlessly on meaningless stuff, some even blog on it. Just open up to people more frequently and it will get easier.

* Don’t like to sell. – Creating buzz is not like being a sales person. You do not have to convince them to spend money, just convince them to think about you and talk about you.

* You are shy. – If you do not like to talk to new people in person, I would suggest you work on getting more comfortable by achieving small successes. In the mean time, the Internet can be a better buzz tool anyway, so start there and work your way to personal buzz.

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