The Super Bowl Creates Unique Business Opportunities

These are pretty decent seats.   Photo by sanjoyg.

Startup Nation:

But what I really find fascinating is the way that entrepreneurs rise to the occasion of an event like the Super Bowl and literally birth unique business opportunities. Sure there are the merchandise vendors and ticket scalpers and parking opportunists, but have you ever noticed how creative entrepreneurs get?. We all notice the big companies with the million dollar ad budgets and eagerly anticipate the television commercials and halftime wardrobe malfunctions, but I live in Detroit so this year I’m noticing the small business startups that are creatively riding the wave of entrepreneurial opportunity.

I LOVE it and I’m proud of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Got a home you want to rent out for the week to a football fan who can’t find a hotel room? How about this unique business opportunity that also plays on the hometown spirit emotional angle? At the website you can find collector’s editions of a glossy Super Bowl issue. Who created this? A small business web design firm with offices right next to Ford Field, the home of next week’s Super Bowl.

Photo by sanjoyg.

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