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An MLM Lead Batching or Distributor Gathering program is often a more comprehensive system for driving potential recruits or customers to a particular company. It may be a stand-alone process or may be sponsored by a company. Typically, participants in the lead batching or distributor gathering program work the leads by advertising campaigns that not only attract customers or recruits, but also invite them to join a system of building a downline in a specific company. As recruits respond to lead generation, they are placed in a virtual downline, which mirrors the specific MLM company, and they are invited to join the MLM company with the potential of a downline already in progress. This approach works well for consumable MLM companies and particularly those with monthly autoship programs. Assuming a potential distributor enjoys the products, he or she is rewarded with both great products and a jump-start at building an MLM business. Effectively, the lead batching campaign brings entire groups of new customers and distributors to the MLM company. The system is a “win-winâ€? for distributors, customers and the MLM company. Many MLM companies have experienced success with organized lead batching or distributor gathering campaigns.

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