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As an artist, you’ve probably already realized that the “creativeâ€? end of your profession is handled. It’s the “marketingâ€? of your work that is the challenge! In a previous article, I covered some of the key points of traditional Artist Marketing through participating in Art Shows and Festivals. This article will cover one online approach to marketing your work — Selling on Ebay.

As a venue for selling Art, ebay is a much debated issue. Some artists say that ebay devalues an artist’s work and that one should never sell their work on ebay. This is certainly a valid opinion — a large percentage of ebay buyers are looking for bargains. That being said, here is another way to look at it: selling work on ebay to obtain exposure and advertising of one’s work, along with making sales. Let’s face it, there is no way to get around the fact that MILLIONS of people visit ebay everyday with the express intent of SHOPPING. It is unlikely that any other online site for marketing artwork will generate that volume of traffic.

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