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by Larry Thall
CLIX Portrait Studios launches multi-business franchise model.

In architecture, the word “symmetryâ€? is used to describe an equal emphasis between the left and right side of the façade, the result of which is a pleasing visual balance. And symmetry could also be used to describe the technical and business balance of the franchise opportunity offered by CLIX Portrait Studios (, Marietta, Ga.

Austin Haines, founder of the business, was a partner in a wedding and portrait lab in Rochester, N.Y., when he began to develop his idea for a storefront portrait-studio franchise; a studio concept that could kindle an enthusiastic response throughout the country, both for prospective franchisees and investors.

“I realized early in the transition to digital imaging, for a pro lab to continue to grow in a digital environment, it also had to move into image capture,â€? Haines explains. “This meant, however, I would, at some point, find myself in direct competition with my lab customers. I wasn’t comfortable with that idea, so I sold my share in the business to my partner and, in 1999, opened my first portrait studio under the DigiQuick Portrait Studio name.â€?

David Asarnow is CLIX’s CEO and together with Haines, they are now looking for enthusiastic go-getters with the type of entrepreneurial attitude and ambition to open more than one or two locations in their nearby geographical areas. Currently, the franchisor has commitments to open new locations as far west as California, and Asarnow says 30 locations should be open by the end of 2006.

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Fast facts: CLIX Portrait Studios
Founded: 1999
Corporate headquarters: Marietta, Ga.
Founder: Austin Haines
President and CEO: David Asarnow
Number of employees: 44

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on February 23, 2006 in Franchise Site.


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