Posters in Windows of Local Businesses

Trade Show Marketing Report:

For some strange reason, local businesses don’t often care about how their window real estate is used. In Mt. Lebanon, PA, where our coffeehouse is, you’ll find posters for for-profit theatre performances, circuses, and other downtown attractions, in addition to the expected charity and fundraising events.

Needless to say, nobody from Mt. Lebanon goes downtown to the theatres to advertise events taking place in our suburb. Nor do the store owners who offer space for these posters get a discount on tickets or a mention in the programs. Nope, they do it for nothing.

That’s correct — your for-profit events can be advertised by local businesses near your venue at no cost to you.

Just go into the store with your poster and ask to hang it up in the window. More than half the time the manager will say OK, often without even considering the content.

via Dana Vanden Heuvel.

Photo by by roland.

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